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What is to be Known
The Gates
The Gates were rarely accessed, and the world between them served as a neutral-ground in the wars that waged between Good and Evil.

It was ultimately the Gates that upset the delicate balance between the forces of Good and Evil. Wars began to break out more sporadically. Both Good and Evil considered the World-Between (their term for the spirit plane) a valuable asset in furthering their cause. Eventually, however, Evil began to get closer and closer to securing the World-Between. Good did not like this, and forced the Gates closed, eliminating all contact between realms. This was unnatural; the realms had always been connected, and their detachment from each other only led to more conflict in the balance. Evil continued its conquest, and soon sought ways to reopen the closed Gates.

To counteract this, Good took a select group of spirits and appointed them as "Guardians," to help protect the Gates from being reopened. The Guardians became special spirits that were reborn repeatedly into the various realms, moving freely between them from life-to-life. The cycle of reincarnation was new; normal souls in the multiverse went on to an eternal rest after death. The Guardian spirits could move from world to world between lives (ie, someone who was a Guardian in the FF4 world might have been reborn as a Guardian in the FF6, FF8, etc world). They were almost continually being reborn, the time between their death and rebirth being very short (often less than ten years). Their responsibilities were chiefly ensuring that the Gates remained closed, and the World-Between thus off-limits to evil. Eventually, the Guardians were meant to open the gates so that Good could make them into a stronghold, but only once Evil was appropriately subdued.

On the other hand, Evil came up with its own taskforce, similar to the Guardians, that was termed the Destroyers. Their purpose was to overcome the Guardians and open the Gates once more so that Evil could take hold of the World-Between and hopefully the otherworldly Gates as well. The Destroyers also had their own cycle of rebirth, though it was not quite as continual as that of the Guardians. Though each Destroyer had their own goal, they all eventually led to some sort of opening (or perhaps, destruction, as their name implies) of the Gates.

To balance out these continually warring factions was born a sect called the Mediators. Their cycle of rebirth was easily the slowest. They served as a kind of balance between the two extremes, and as a result, they were often used by both sides or members of both sides within one lifetime. In some cases, however, Mediators didn't serve either side, but rather served as a neutrality in the warring worlds. There were also far fewer Mediator spirits chosen than there were Guardians and Destroyers.

The problem was that Evil finally won out. At the exact same moment in time in all the planes, the Guardians that were supposed to win... lost. The losses all occured at the same time, opening the Gates of each realm, and the incredible energy flow from one world to another through the World-Between had been restrained for so long that the losses had unforeseen circumstances. The worlds were merged into one vast world where the World-Between had been, locations from each plane popping up in this new one.

Also, as a result of the World-Between merging with the other worlds, the dead Guardians, Destroyers, and Mediators (that were between cycles of rebirth) were returned to life. No one other than these returned to life, however.

Current Plot
Your characters have been hurled from their own world, where/whenever that may be, into this new realm, along with so many other characters. You don't know where you are, though if your character was involved in the Final Battle in their realm they probably know what happened. Other characters, however (such as Laguna, Ellone, and characters that could be considered major but weren't involved in the Final Battles), probably have no idea what exactly happened.

Dead people have returned to life as well, with no spirit realm to reside in anymore. Some of them probably know about the Guardians, Gates, Destroyers, Mediators, and everything else, thanks to being dead. Others may not know. It's all up to the player. However, only dead Guardians, Destroyers, and Mediators have returned from the dead. Other spirits have gone on to an eternal rest.

The baddies? They're still around and wreaking havoc on this new world, though hell only knows what they're after now.

There will eventually be talk of attempting to separate the worlds again, though no one knows how it'll happen. And besides, some bonds may be forged between worlds that people may not wish to break...

The Basic Rules
(x)No Bashing or Flaming
Please, be kind to your fellow players and characters. While you may not agree with certain things going on, or be a fan of a certain pairing that is taking place in the RP, do not take it into your own hands and say cruel or mean things about such things. It is not worth hurting someone's feelings to get your point across.

(x)Being Active
When taking part in the RPG you are telling the mods and your fellow players that you taking responsibility as an active members. PLEASE try to stay as active as you can; if a problem arises, which lets you not be able to access a computer for a period of time, please contact a mod.
---Please be sure to make a post in both your character journal and guardians_gates.

(x)In Character Policy
Please, keep your character as IN CHARACTER as you possibly can. Yes, there may be a moment for them to go slightly OOC but, aside from that, do not make them do stuff that isn't part of their character persona. As an EXAMPLE: Auron is more a silent and serious type. You won't be seeing him skipping through a field of daisies, singing "I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! I feel pretty, and witty, and gaaaay!"

(x)Logs = LJ Cut
All logs will go in guardians_logs under an lj-cut.
The ratings will run from G to NC-17 though, if you are going to be acting out a NC-17 scene please put a warning into the title or body part so we all know what to expect; also, please let us know if your log is rated R.
If you can, in the title of your post have what characters are interacting with one another.

(x)We accept both Slash and Het
All right. This, I believe, is probably one of the biggest things that's up here. Your character going into a relationship is a natural thing, as relationships happen in the real world. Now, we accept slash couples into the game but not all characters are going to be gay. There are such things as canon pairings, which should stick through the RP. Please, if you want your character to be gay give a good reason for it.

(x)Family Ties
There are BLOOD RELATIONS in a lot of the FF games. Yuna and Rikku = Cousins; Brother and Rikku = Brother and Sister; Golbez and Cecil = Brothers. There are other relations of the sort so, please, stick with them.

(x)Grammar = Good
English may not be the first language of a lot of people but it would be greatly appreciated. Just remember: Spell check is your friend! Though, if you're having trouble with the use of certain words, feel free to ask someone whos first language is English. None of us will bite.

(x)Adding Characters to Char. Friend's List
You are expected to do so, so you know what is going on and the such. The list can be found here: Easy Add Friends List

(x)All OOC Posts...
Have a question or just something you need to say to the rest of the people of the RP? You can post over at the GGOOC. guardians_ooc

Please e-mail all applications to guardiansgatesrp[a]yahoo.com

For now, just follow the standard _foreverfantasy application:
Name: (Gotta have something to call you)
Personal Journal: (Your OOC journal, where you normally post)
RP Experience: (What roleplays have you been involved in before? Tell me about them, and provide links if you can.)
Age: (We're basically accepting any players 13 or above. Be advised there will most likely be adult stuff going on in here, though--if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.)
AIM: (Though AIM is preferred, we might also be willing to do roleplays through Yahoo or MSN. AIM is just easiest for multi-person logs.)
Character Applying for: (Just incase your samples don't make it clear)
Third Person Writing Sample: (Third person, past tense is preferrable. Show your character doing something, anything. Show me that you can portray action and such.)
First person journal sample: (Please avoid things like emoticons (^_^) and actions (*moves around*). Like _foreverfantasy, this is entirely journal-based. All action things are done in logs, not in entries.)
Character history: (Tell me a little about your character. I want to see that you know about them, head to toe.)
Sect: (Is your character a Guardian, Mediator, or Destroyer? If your character was alive as of the end of their game, they could very well be none of the above. However, if your character is dead, they must belong to one of the three sects. Also, explain to me why you feel they belong to this sect instead of the others.)

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