Aeris Gainsborough (memoriapersa) wrote in guardians_gates,
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A chocobo... forest?

How... different. There's this thing called a 'Chocobo Forest', as this I'm standing in front of conviently decided to tell me when I stumbled into the circular dome of trees. No chocobo tracks... only forests. Freaking odd, if you ask me.

So... I have to locate Chicobos--baby chocobos?--in a special order to lure out the mother bigger chocobo. Sounds simple enough and, if it means I get a Chocobo, I guess it'll be worth a try?

Maybe with a chocobo I won't have to worry about getting caught up with monsters now, and it's faster to cross ground.

Gonna have to back track after getting a Chocobo. Narshe was the last place on this continent and, well, it seems there's only ocean to the left, right, and front of me.
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