Kali (esperkin) wrote in guardians_gates,

It's like... rock after rock... the desert is starting to thin out a bit, but not... not quickly enough.

I don't even know why I keep going

I just want to get out of here. want to sleep... just keep sleeping... never wake up... why can't this be a dream? why can't it ever be a dr

I miss the sound of the airship engine and the footsteps of everyone as they walk about... I miss Relm and Gau's laughter... I miss Edgar and Sabin bickering over the silliest things... It's... it's very quiet here. I'm so tired of it being quiet.

I hope we hit a town soon. I want to see people... even Celes is starting to look like an illusion... I'm beginning to feel like I don't exist at all...
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