Eiko Carol (a_little_lady) wrote in guardians_gates,
Eiko Carol

So, the town we're at is called Winhill.

There's...there's all sorts of neat things here! I was asking people about it and it's called, like, fossets and toylettes and electric lights and stuff, and it's not magic, but it's kinda like magic, 'cause they do it by pumping energy around and using it to push wheels and set stuff on fire.
I guess. This lady tried to explain it to me but I guess she thought it was weird that I didn't know they had different names for things.

Let's see...me and Dagger are both fine. We've got some potions and some gil, and we don't know where we're going next, but if we stay for a while we're okay here. (I don't think we're staying, though!)

How are you, Zidane? Where are you now?
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